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I believe that it’s people that make a company great. I believe that people keep businesses alive, not the company or the products that they have to offer. People are what keeps a thriving business open for generations to come.

Alain, CEO

That is why we focus on the development of our team and their improvement, self-development, and doing it with the highest of integrity. We believe in creating a future path for anyone who walks through our doors.  The Blue Rose Group invests in you as much as you invest in yourself.

Our Team

Our team is smart, diverse, and goal oriented. We work together well to deliver results to our clients and ensure satisfaction of our customers.


This should go without saying, because anytime you hire someone, you should be able to trust them. Therefore, we vet out staff carefully and only select the best.

Work Ethic

If we are exceeding customer and client expectations, we grow. So we work extremely hard to produce great results.


If we don't know the answer, we have additional resources where we can find it.


We promote innovation at our firm so that we can stay ahead of the competition. Daily meetings and brainstorming sessions allow us to stay ahead of the curve.


Continually moving forward, at any pace, is a step in the right direction. Our management trains and develops the staff daily so we can continue to grow.


What is a firm if it can't be dependable? Our team is on time, professional and reliable.

Positive Attitude

Mindset is key. Even in all that is going on, our team has found light in the situation. It's our responsibility to see forward and move forward for our team, clients, and customers. Stay positive!



What Our Team Has to Say

What We Offer Our Team


In order to satisfy our clients, we know that our team has to be on our ‘A’ game.  Hence our motto #WeReady!  We are ready for whatever is thrown our way, because we know each other well, we share our goals, morale is high, and we do things as a team.  We believe that if we know each persons personal and professional goals, it’s easier to help our team achieve them, which in turn, allows our firm to produce excellent results for our client.

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Personal & Professional Development
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Our Years of Tailoring Experience Will Impress You

Our creative team puts us above the rest.  We generate outstanding results for our clients due to our diverse, resourceful, and demanding team.  Our positive outlook allows us to push through adversity and overcome any obstacles we may encounter.  We are ready to embrace your brand as our own and bring you the results you’ve been looking for.

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Our Innovative Teams

For all of your needs.


Summer Intern
At BRG I have learned so much about sales and how to better myself. Being goal oriented can help you push yourself so much more!Love being an intern here so I can grow my business experience in the summer and most importantly having tons of fun. Also, having the flexibility to jump right back into school. Amazing opportunity!


CEO & President


I’m Mexican-American. Fluent in both Spanish & English. I have a maltese-shih tzu named Bruno! I’m the oldest of 3 ! Family is super important to me! They are the reason I push hard everyday to better myself & my career!
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